Cava Lapillo e Pozzolana srl was founded in 1979 as a quarry and for earth movement.
As a result of a constant evolution, today it has become a company specialized in volcanic aggregates quarrying, processing and marketing.
Cava Lapillo e Pozzolana offers a flexible and streamlined service to each costumer: from the order and preparation, to the product’s delivery entrusted to reliable transporters.
The investments in facilities and human resources, the high quality and the contractual solidity have enabled the business’ growth.
Through the pursuit of Quality System certification (in conformity with the rule of law UNI EN ISO 9001:2000), the company’s management has guaranteed high-quality services and products to each customer, without neglecting promptness and accuracy of delivery.

Cava Lapillo e Pozzolana’s main product is Tefralite.
It is a natural mineral derived from the crushing and sieving of particular volcanic lavas which are highly porous and structurally resistant.
Tefralite contains vacuums of 40-60% in each granule; it can be used in every field which requires a light store aggregate having a high soundproofing and insulating capacity.
Tefralite is frost-proof, chemically inert, insoluble, odourless, non-toxic and free from reactive silica, organic contaminants and water-contact swelled minerals.

Tefralite is a high heat resistant mineral (up to 900°) and it is not a comburent.
Tefralite, due to its chemical composition, draining capacity and that of regulating ground humidity, represents an excellent support for lawns and for the nursery-gardening industry.
On April 2006, The Mining Police Regional Inspectorate (in conformity with the LL.RR. n°24/98 and n°17/2004) certified Tefralite as a “Rare Material” and defined it as a “material of public and economic interest because of its particular market utilization”.

Apart from supply and marketing, Cava Lapillo e Pozzolana exploits Tefralite’s high versatility to realize a broad range of civil and sports projects: lightened road surfaces, draining paving, grass football pitches, artificial grass and packed earth football grounds, tennis courts and hurdle courses.
The absolutely natural origin of this material and our staff’s competence and marked sensivity to environmental issues make Cava Lapillo e Pozzolana one of the most important firms in Italy for land reclamation, the realization of green car parks and ecological roads.

These material’s properties and the company’s structural solidity have allowed Cava Lapillo e Pozzolana to grow alongside its costumers and to expand throughout the national territory.

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