Cava Lapillo e Pozzolana’s main product is Tefralite.
It is a natural mineral derived from the crushing and sieving of particular volcanic lavas which are highly porous and structurally resistant.
Tefralite contains vacuums of 40-60% in each granule; it can be used in every field which requires a light store aggregate having a high soundproofing and insulating capacity.
Tefralite is frost-proof, chemically inert, insoluble, odourless, non-toxic and free from reactive silica, organic contaminants and water-contact swelled minerals.

Our 5 main products are:
Light pit sand, light granulate, red granulate and the mixtures Tefragarden and Tefragreen.
Special products are the ornamental fountains, Tefrarock volcanic stones, Tefrawall rock walls and menhirs


      tefrarock tefrawall menhir
Certificazione Europea
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