Tefrawall is an idea born from the well-tried use of the gabion system in environmental engineering. Tefrawall is realised with resistant zinced wire gabions filled with fragments of Tefralite volcanic rock and the result is aesthetically pleasant. Such an item is self-supporting and extremely strong, with a good resistance to static loads as well as to flexing. Tefrawall’s elements, properly combined, can be used as supporting walls and fences that respect the environment since they are eco-friendly walls without cement and other chemical substances. The potential use of such systems, thanks to their resistance to lateral thrusts and the ability to bear vertical loads, goes from the realisation of supporting walls to the containment of river banks, terraces, hill sides and scarps on the side of roads, drainage trenches and all the anti-erosion and anti-landslide works, for the defence of the soil and the planning of greenery and landscape. In case of powerful earth pressure, Tefrawall is able to bear great deformation continuing to carry out its retaining action. Tefrawall is also an interesting alternative to cement and plastic as anti-noise barrier and urban design: by modulating on purpose the granulometry of the gabion’s filling and by adding growth medium, Tefrawall elements can host climbing plants, thus turning into magnificent green walls. The setting-up of Tefrawall is extremely simple and quick: the elements, even already green, can be put on stable ground, with no fixing, or anchored to a kerb; they can be removed and re-used even after a long time. They are available in different sizes and can be superimposed according to the various needs and uses.

•Height by width: 2 X 2 m• 1,5 X 2 m • 1 X 2 m
•Available thickness: 33 cm – 41 cm – 52 cm

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