To complete the garden and to give it a touch of originality and quality, Tefrarock is available also in a large range of decorative volcanic rocks that are provided in baskets of one cubic metre. Tefrarock rocks are the result of the explosive and effusive activity of prehistoric volcanoes, and they maintain the charm and energy of the incandescent fury that produced them both in their shapes, sometimes flowing, sometimes rough, and in their colours, from red to black. Tefrarock is the right means to add a note of naturalness to any environment, to decorate any green area, to realize rock gardens and sensational setups. Moreover, lava rocks are not only aesthetically beautiful, but they are also useful for maintaining the ground cool, for preserving moisture and for limiting the development of infesting plants.

Granulometries 10/20 – 20/50 – 50/100 cm

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Certificazione Europea
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